custom home theater installation and consultation

Portland, OR


About Tyson Whiteside Audio Video

It's hard to know whether the quick installation, offered by various national companies, is going to provide you with the care and professionalism of the custom installation that you deserve. After all, it is your home. And the television or audio video equipment that you want professionally installed was not purchased spur of the moment. This is a procedure that you care about, and the people that you choose to help you with that procedure should care too. At Tyson Whiteside Audio Video, we are passionate about Home Theater. We do not take any television mount, or custom installation lightly. We know that what you want most is for your home theater to work the way it is supposed to, when it is supposed to, without fail.

At Tyson Whiteside Audio Video, we guarantee that your experience with us is beyond compare when it comes to an audio video installation, television mount, or any custom home theater job we perform. The way we do this is simple; we make sure that we are without rival in these key areas:

Availability: When you call us to schedule a television mount, or custom home theater installation we will answer the phone (or return the call within hours, not days), we will respond to emails within hours (not days), and we will schedule a free, no obligation, on-site consultation and quote within a 24 hour window, but most times, it is same day.

Prices: Tyson Whiteside Audio Video is very competitive. And apples to apples, we will not lose a bid to price. Ever.

Craftsmanship: Our goal is to make every custom home theater or television installation look like it was there the entire time. This means we use the right materials, and do the job the right way, regardless of the extra expense to us.

Service: After the custom installation is complete, and our installation specialists have left your home, the service doesn't stop. Many times, the fear is that once the installers leave your home, you will never be able to get them back on the phone. Tyson Whiteside Audio Video is going to change your expectations of customer service. You call, we answer.You email, we respond. If your television stops working during a Trail Blazer game, we will come running. Unrivaled service. Guaranteed.

Equipment: We use the equipment, like HDMI cables and television mounting hardware that we can stand behind. Yes, it is more expensive than some of the equipment out there, but we use the hardware and interconnects that we do to complete the audio video installation because we trust it.

Qualification of Clients: Before we do anything, we always make sure that the Tyson Whiteside Audio Video installation specialists and the client have a common view of what the custom home theater installation or television mount will entail and look like. We don't want there to be any sort of misunderstanding or anxiety concerning the audio video installation, so we take the extra time to get the details right.

Warranty: The warranty that Tyson Whiteside Audio Video offers is second to none. Lifetime Warranty on the labor provided by Tyson Whiteside Audio Video. If we integrate your custom home theater, or audio video system, and years down the road, that system is still in the condition that Tyson Whiteside Audio Video left it in, and is failing to perform the way that it did when Tyson Whiteside Audio Video provided the custom installation, we will come back and fix it, free of charge.

We Understand: Custom home theaters, television installation, or any sort of custom installation that requires an installer to make alterations to your home is a big deal. At Tyson Whiteside Audio Video, we do not take that responsibility lightly. And we absolutely will not, in any circumstance violate the trust that you have given us.